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Top 5 Tips: Fall Prevention

Falls are often a cause for concern amongst caregivers of seniors. Even a minor fall could result in impaired mobility, hip fractures, broken bones, and head injuries. Additionally, it may result in your elderly loved one becoming afraid of staying active.

The good news is prevention can be made possible with proper planning.

Top Tip 1: Get a routine eye check-up

The eyesight of our elderly loved ones tends to deteriorate with age as less light reaches the retina. Often, they may be unaware as these changes happen gradually. Hence, edges, steps, and hazards are harder to see. Their night vision could be severely impacted too.

Getting a routine eye check-up is a good form of prevention to address eyesight issues that may contribute to a fall.

Top Tip 2: Make their home elderly-friendly

Install rails in the bathroom, bedroom, stairs, and other areas where required. For seniors who can independently give themselves a shower, consider getting a non-slip rubber mat, shower chair and hand-held shower. Increase lighting throughout the house and give special attention to night lights. Speak to your family members or domestic helper to ensure the floors are not left slippery or wet.

After staying in the same house for years, your parents or grandparents may not have thought about necessary modifications in their old age.

Top Tip 3: Check their medication

Pay attention to side effects and interactions from medication. Some medication may cause dizziness or giddiness that could result in a fall.

If your elderly loved one has just been prescribed with a new medication, pay extra attention to their movement. Highlight this to their doctor or pharmacist immediately for their action.

Top Tip 4: Check their vital signs daily

Low blood pressure could result in dizziness, fainting, and a fall. Check your elderly loved ones’ vital signs daily to proactively mitigate a fall. Record the daily readings and discuss it with their medical professional. Encourage them to follow up on their medical check-ups and health examinations.

Top Tip 5: Empower their mobility with physiotherapy

With age, many people lose their coordination, balance, and flexibility through an inactive lifestyle. Physiotherapy can assist your loved ones to improve their mobility and coordination through curated exercises and massages. Being able to move confidently is an important trademark of their independence, hence caregivers should empower them in a safe manner with trained professionals.

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