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Metro Eldercare: Tailored Facilities For the Best Eldercare

When our parents or caregiver reach their golden years. the care that is required for them also becomes different. With responsibilities at work and from our various roles in life, the care we want to give to them may not be enough to meet their needs. This is where assistance can be considered. While there are many options out there, one form of assistance that can be a choice is nursing homes. 

There is a lot of stigma and bad perceptions when it comes to this term. However, if we delve deeper into the type of different elderly care facilities and care that these homes can provide, we can see that many benefits can come from it. With different types of residential and care services these days, you are also able to customise the best form of care to suit your elderly loved one.

Aside from receiving top-notch care, your elderly loved one is also able to be a part of a community where they can gain new friendships and participate in a host of activities to stimulate their minds and maintain their physical health. 

If you have been considering a nursing home facility, you can add Metro Eldercare to your list of considerations.


Well-established with numerous centres around the Klang Valley, we aim to provide a place for your elderly loved one to age gracefully and happily through quality care in a safe and secure home-like environment:

  • A trained team of caregivers to provide 24-hour care assistance to long term residents

  • Physiotherapy and other forms of health and medical management is provided

  • 5 home-cooked meals planned by in-house dietitians

  • In-house nursing consultation

  • Laundry services


Aside from a host of excellent basic care, Metro Eldercare also has multiple facilities to ensure the overall well-being of your loved one is taken care of. This includes:

  • A large scenic garden for their residents to take a stroll in and admire nature

  • Yoga, Tai Chee, Chee Kung areas and exercise bars to encourage residents to stay physically active

  • Gaming facilities and TV for entertainment and mind stimulation purposes

  • Festive celebrations to encourage friendship-making and social interaction

  • Assistance with daily tasks if required

  • Daily housekeeping and laundry service to ensure the best hygiene


Nourishing your elderly loved ones with nutritious food is also a vital part of what they do in Metro Eldercare to rejuvenate their health from the inside. Upon admission to Metro Eldercare, an in-house dietitian will conduct a nutrition assessment. In this nutrition assessment, the dietitian will identify:

  • Any food allergies

  • Eating habits

  • If there are any underlying medical conditions that result in certain types of food or nutrients being unsuitable

  • Nutrients required daily and its recommended quantities


The menu is regularly updated so that they can serve a wide array of nutritious and delicious meals to your loved ones. All meals are also prepared in the centre to ensure the utmost freshness. If your elderly loved one has special diet requirements, don’t worry. Customised meals carefully planned by the in-house dietitians can be pre-ordered for a small fee.

By putting the wellbeing and happiness of your elderly loved one in mind, Metro Eldercare has built a support system to do just that. Find out more about our residential and medical services or contact us today.

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