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Premium Eldercare Services at Retirement Homes in Malaysia

As children, we hope to, one day, repay all the love, guidance, and support we've been receiving from our parents, grandparents, or any elderly caretakers. However, that's not the easiest task to do. With work and commitment issues in the way, providing your loved ones with the attention, care, and support they truly deserve can be a struggle. It may seem taboo for many, but retirement homes are a great option if you are looking to find a safe and vibrant community for your loved ones to spend their golden years. In Malaysia, retirement homes date back to 1988 (Sri Seronok Retirement Village). Today, we have numerous nursing homes, some even inspired by Australian retirement villages!

Providing Your Loved Ones With The Best Care

Source: Metro Eldercare

Retirement homes in Malaysia provide a safe environment for senior citizens to encourage independent living. This makes for a great way to keep them stimulated, engaged, and happy throughout their stay at a senior living facility. That is our No. 1 priority here at Metro Eldercare. Our mission is to give them a sense of purpose in addition to providing them with a strong support system. At Metro Eldercare, we provide a wide range of care and services such as long/short term care, dementia care, palliative care, and more.

My grandpa has a food allergy to gluten. Do retirement homes in Malaysia tailor meal plans according to residents?

At Metro Eldercare, yes! Upon admission into our retirement home here in Malaysia, our in-house dietitians will conduct a thorough nutrition assessment where food allergens, eating habits, food restrictions due to underlying medical conditions, and daily required nutrients are determined. Five home cooked meals are prepared directly in the retirement centre to ensure maximum freshness and menus are changed regularly to offer variation. Alongside dietitians, there are also daily nurse consultation and complimentary physiotherapy thrice weekly by our experienced in-house physiotherapists!

Aside from receiving premium care at this retirement home in Malaysia, your elderly loved one can also be a part of a friendly community where they can gain new peers and participate in a host of activities. At Metro Eldercare, there is a large scenic garden for residents to stroll in and enjoy the beautiful nature surrounding them. There are also Yoga, Tai Chee, Chee Kung areas and exercise bars to encourage residents to keep them moving and healthy. Besides that, we have gaming facilities, TV, and regular festive celebrations so you can feel assured that your loved ones won't be feeling lonely or bored here!

Metro Eldercare is a secure, specialised aged care facility with a team of professionally trained nursing staff that is 100% dedicated to the physical, mental, and emotional wellness of your loved ones. With many retirement home centres across Klang Valley, Malaysia, find out more about one near you and how Metro Eldercare can deliver premium care and support for your loved ones here. To speak to one of us, call +6011 3989 8486 / +6012 775 5984 or email us at

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