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Top 5 Tips: Bedsore Management

Top Tip 1: Change their bedding

A ripple mattress, also known as anti- decubitus, contains multiple air chambers that are alternately pumped for pressure distribution. This reduces pressures on prominent areas of the body, hence preventing bedsores.

Top Tip 2: Wound dressing

Minor bedsores can be treated at home whilst more severe bedsores require a trained healthcare professional to manage it. Gently clean open sores with a saline solution with each dressing change. Antimicrobial or hydrocolloid dressings protect the wound and accelerate healing.

It is imperative to see progress in the wound healing, else engage a trained healthcare professional immediately.

Top Tip 3: Frequently change positions

Frequently reposition your elderly loved one to heal existing sores and prevent the formation of new bedsores. Turning every 2-3 hours is recommended. If you require assistance to position your elderly loved one correctly, engage with a trained caregiver.

Top Tip 4: Keep Moving

Engage with a physiotherapist to learn exercises and get massages to stimulate better blood circulation even whilst in bed. Improved blood circulation will aid bedsore recovery. Motivate your loved ones to move!

Top Tip 5: Eat a Nutritious, Protein-Packed Meal

Protein assists with healing and repair. Hence, prioritize nutritious, balanced, home-cooked meals for a speedy recovery. Taking sufficient nutrients and water can boost overall health which will aid bedsore recovery.

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