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Why Choose a Nursing Home?

#1 – Have Peace of Mind with 24/7 Assisted Living

Caring for your elderly loved ones can be tiring, emotionally draining, and stressful. Although not spoken about enough, it is important to address caregiver burnout. With constant care needed for some seniors, it is common for spouses, children, grandchildren, or domestic helpers to experience stress. This could result in increased tension between the senior and family member, which sours the relationship.

Juggling between work, house chores, childcare, and senior care? Family members may experience guilt as they are unable to be present and assist their senior loved ones round-the-clock. There is the constant anxiety of not hearing your mum call out for you or pick up an SOS call from your dad while you are at work.

A nursing home provides a trained team of caregivers, nurses, physiotherapists, and doctors to care for our residents. Where required, assistance is readily available for daily activities such as bathing, eating, drinking, using the bathroom, diaper change, dressing, exercising, and the administration of medication.

This way, you can focus on bonding with your elderly loved one instead of being bogged down with caregiver duties. With regular updates via technology and the ability to video call your loved one at any time, you will have greater peace of mind.

Find out how 24/7 assisted living could benefit your loved one (contact link)

#2 – Build friendships and socialize

In their golden years, seniors may have lost and lost touch with their friends. Our modern lifestyle lacks communal settings for seniors to form friendships and support circles with their peers. Seniors may feel isolated, lonely, and this could lead to depression. Research shows seniors living independently are at a higher risk of depression compared to those living with companions. Nursing homes provide an environment to foster strong bonds and share life experiences, which could provide a beneficial support network as they navigate the challenges of old age.

Sharing a few laughs with their peers and caregivers daily will strengthen their mental health. Very often, weekly visits or quick daily drop-ins from their loved ones are insufficient to fill their emotional needs. Our residents bond over TV dramas, mahjong, sudoku, colouring, exercise, group activities or chatting during meals.

Find out how a support network could benefit your loved one (link to contact us page)

#3 – Dietician approved home-cooked meals

Tasty meals are some of the simple joys our elderly loved ones look forward to. Yet, finding tasty, nutritious, home-cooked meals catered to the dietary needs of your loved one may be challenging.

Depending on the motor skills and mobility of a senior, cooking may not be a safe activity as it exposes them to heat, sharp, and heavy objects. Meanwhile, the multi-tasking caregiver at home may not have the time or knowledge to whip up a nutritious meal plan. The spicy fried chicken your children love or sweet treats you indulge in may not be the best food for your elderly parents. Despite your best efforts to instil disciplined eating habits in your elderly loved one, it may not be so easy! Sounds familiar?

Additionally, if your elderly loved one is on tube feeding, we have the expertise to manage it for you seamlessly. Do not fret as nursing homes provide dietician approved home-cooked meals catered to the taste buds of your loved ones. We provide 5 sumptuous, balanced meals a day for your loved ones to enjoy.

Find out how our meal plans could benefit your loved one (link to contact us page)

#4 – Medical Care

Seniors often require additional medical care due for optimal quality of life in their golden years. Family members untrained in medical care or frequent new faces from part-time medical services could leave your elderly loved ones dissatisfied.

Amongst the common care required are wound care, bedsore management, fall prevention, exercise and mobility, physiotherapy massages, Ryles tube change, catheter change, and more.

Nursing homes bring medical expertise to a home environment for their improved wellbeing. With our team of trained nurses, physiotherapists, and caregivers, we aim to give your loved ones the best quality of life through good health and comfort. With an on-call doctor and ambulance service, we are able to give your loved one adequate medical attention during an emergency.

Find out how our medical care could benefit your loved one (link to contact us page)

#5 – Budget-Friendly

The costs of caring for your elderly loved one can quickly add up. If you’ve done the math, the following costs could easily amount to four or five times what you would pay in a nursing home:

· Part-time nurse

· Visiting physiotherapist

· 24/7 trained caregiving

· On-call doctor

· Housekeeper for laundry, cleaning, and other house chores

· Catering five nutritious, home-cooked meals daily

· Recreational activities and entertainment, including Astro

· Friendship (priceless!)

We believe every senior citizen should have access to quality care during their golden years. We aspire to bring you quality services at an affordable price.

Call us to discuss our package and prices (link to contact us page)

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